Dennis A. Ballen, CFE
Franchise Development Consultant

An independent franchise consultant since 1991, Dennis has represented franchisors from all over the country in the structure and expansion of their franchises. He got his start as a real estate broker, with a focus on site acquisition for the fast food industry. Notable clients included McDonald’s and Taco Bell, and he spent several years representing McDonald’s nationally as a real estate consultant. Dennis was founder and CEO of Gibraltar Transmissions. As a franchisor, he grew the company from inception to over 100 units nationally, making Gibraltar the number two automotive transmission franchise in the country. Since then, Dennis has consulted for franchisors in industries as varied as office leasing, pets, medical, fast food and retail. In 2006, he was awarded the status of Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) by the International Franchise Association.

S. Cody Engle
Open Door Advisors

S. Cody Engle has been an agent for positive change in corporate and not-for-profit organizations for more than four decades. As a founding member of Sam Zell’s Equity Financial Group, Cody was responsible for the acquisition, redevelopment, remarketing and disposition of all manner of real estate and non-real estate properties. Since the mid-90s, Cody has consulted nationally and internationally in organizational development, financial restructuring and growth for not-for-profit and entrepreneurial enterprises. With his exceptionally broad experience as a CEO of public and private companies, he brings a clear-eyed understanding of what is required to structure for sustainability and growth. Cody has been an advisor to Residential Marketing Concepts, Inc., and Alternatives for Seniors since 1992.

Harvey Goldsmith
HSI Investors, Inc.

After serving proudly in the U.S. Air Force, Harvey went on found Hart Systems, Inc., a company he grew to be the largest inventory service in the country. A pioneer in retail bar code processing, Harvey led the company through numerous technological advances to become the largest provider of cloud-based physical inventory management solutions to the retail community. In 2008, Harvey left Hart to pursue new investment and business interests. Through his new company HSI Investors, Inc., Harvey has founded, operated and/or advised firms such as a multi-store franchisee in the food industry, a commercial software provider, free standing medical clinics, residential home-building, and cosmetic skin care products. Harvey has been a shareholder and active advisor to Alternatives for Seniors since 2012.