We have thousands of commission agreements already in place.

From the moment you open for business, you’ll have access to leads from our website and relationships with care facilities in your area. We have thousands of commission agreements already in place between us and care providers, so you’re all set to hit the ground running from day one.

Here's the basic flow of the business:

  1. Seniors and their families will find you through our website (www.AlternativesForSeniors.com), our Information Center, and our print directory if your franchise territory is in one of our covered areas. They’ll also find you through your local marketing efforts, from paid advertising to a local referral network that you’ll build over time in your community.
  2. You’ll take potential clients on tours of the facilities in your area that you think best fit their needs. We have agreements in place with thousands of care facilities across the country, so you’ll have a strong inventory of places to take clients the very first day you open.
  3. Your services will be free to your clients, and free to providers until your clients make their decision. Once your clients move into a community, the provider will be invoiced according to their contracted fee.
  4. You’ll add additional facilities to your inventory over time, and we’ll provide all the tools and guidance you need to create new agreements with local communities if it’s a facility we don’t already have a contract with and is not a national company.