We are devoted to finding the perfect senior care for our clients.

Our story begins in Michigan in 1992, when our founder and CEO, Anita K. Kremer, launched Residential Marketing Concepts, Inc. and began producing "Alternatives For Seniors" – a free print guide devoted to senior housing and care services in Detroit and Southeast Michigan. Funded by advertising from service providers, our comprehensive directory was an instant success with families and seniors looking for care, and we soon spread to Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Orange County/Inland Empire, San Diego and San Francisco.

As the internet grew, we expanded our directory services and created a national presence through our website www.AlternativesForSeniors.com. Today, this on-line directory generates referral leads for us from all over the country.

Our services have always been a win-win for everyone. Our seniors and their families get free help for the vital living arrangements and services they need, and our advertisers reach their target audiences seamlessly through our efforts. But as advertising budgets began to shrink over time, we saw a new way to create a win/win situation and created our Alternatives for Seniors Information Center.

Opened in 2011, our Alternatives for Seniors Information Center was designed to participate in the growing senior housing referral industry. The Center goes beyond our print and on-line directories to provide telephone-based consultation and referrals directly to seniors and their families. By listening deeply and guiding them through the maze of available care options, we help find the perfect care solutions to fit their unique needs. Most importantly, we help them navigate what can often be a very overwhelming and difficult set of choices. And we do it all at no cost to them. Our services are paid for by providers, as if and when a move-in occurs. Again, a true win/win for everyone.

Over the years, we’ve cemented our reputation in the industry as a company devoted to finding the perfect care for our clients – and equally devoted to finding providers the clients they need to thrive. Through our information center and our directories, we’ve been able to create thousands of contracts with senior housing providers, many of them nation-wide. These contracts now serve as the basis for our Alternatives For Seniors franchise, enabling you as our franchisee to be up and running with inventory and agreements from the very first day you open your business. Our franchisees are not required to have medical knowledge but are required to obtain the Certified Senior Advisor status.

Franchising is the newest part of our story, and we can’t wait to write this next chapter with you. To find out more about the partnership we have between our franchise and you, our franchisee, please visit The Perfect Partnership.